Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, from Australia!

It’s a little odd to celebrate the holidays before the rest of the world. But today is Christmas Day, and we have opened all of our presents and even had some pancakes for breakfast! We are learning that it is very quiet in Alice Springs in December. A lot of stores closed last week, or the week before, and will be closed until at least mid January. It’s pretty hot this time of year, and since tourism is down, most shops seem to take a bit of a break as well.

Right now it’s not too bad – it’s actually in the mid 70s (but humid!). But last week it was close to or even over 100 degrees almost every day. It’s odd decorating for Christmas with the AC on, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts!

Last night, Christmas Eve, we had some friends over. We made pizzas, drank eggnog and ate a lot of desserts! A friend even brought many boxes of Christmas crackers for us to open (here they are called bon bons!). It was a lot of fun!

This morning we got to talk to family. FaceTime sure does help make you feel like you’re not quiet as far away …!

During this down time, I have moved all of the old pages from the old blog, and now they are here. If you check out the menu, you’ll see all of the pages under “The first 6 Months”. You’ll also see my newest Instagram photos on the left.

A new post about our trips is coming soon!