Giles Track

22 January 2017

A bonus hike for us when we were down in Kings Canyon in August 2016 was walking the Giles Track. We stayed overnight at the Kings Canyon Resort Campsite. It was fine, but we liked the Kings Creek Station Campsite better. The Resort is slightly cheaper, but the camping area was just a couple of grassy areas where you could pitch a tent. But, if you don’t bring your own food, this place definitely has more places to eat (and they are open later than at Kings Creek).

Giles Track is mentioned as a walk in the Watarraka National Park. It’s 22km return, with the midway point at Kings Canyon. We weren’t planning on doing a 2 day hike, but we wanted to check it out.


Giles Track

From the road, the Giles Track is not signposted, so you have to follow signs for Kathleen Springs. Until we saw this information sign a few steps into the walk to Kathleen Springs, we still weren’t sure we were at the right starting location. We decided to hike to Hill Mulga Creek, which according to this sign, was two hours away. On a cloudy day, a four hour hike with six liters of water seemed like a good goal.

We started just before 10:00 am, and pretty quickly we were rewarded with great views down into Kathleen Springs.


Looking down into Kathleen Springs from Giles Track

There had been quite a lot of rain recently, so the landscape was lush and green. There were pretty little flowers all over the track, but beware the spinifex, which will sting you if you get too close!

At the beginning of the trek, the markers were a little hard to follow, but if you pause long enough, you should be able to spot them.

The map we had of the hike was not detailed enough for us to know when we reached Wanga Creek, or Hill Mulga Creek, so we did our best to use bends in the road as landmarks. We think this is Wanga Creek. We spent a good deal of time exploring this little area and enjoying the scenery.

Then we trekked onwards, continuing west. Around 12:00pm, we decide to stop and eat. We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, plus an assortment of trail mixes and nutrition bars.  We had an awesome view of the valley as well.

It had been about 2 hours since we started, so we started to think about turning back. Since we weren’t quite sure where Hill Mulga Creek was, we decided to push on a little further, to see if maybe we could spot it. The trail, while there are blazes to keep you on the right path, does not provide any information signs.

We walked for another 20 to 30 minutes until we thought we came to Hill Mulga Creek.  And then we headed back.

We got back to the Kathleen Springs Trail just after 3:00pm. The Giles Track is definitely a hike I want to do in full!