Tasmania – Part 1, Hobart

On the 3rd of December 2016, we boarded a plane in Alice Springs to fly to Hobart, Tasmania, via Melbourne. It was a solid day of travel, departing Alice Springs at 1130am, and arriving in Hobart at 8pm.

Fortunately, since we were traveling in the summer, it was still light as we flew over Tasmania. The landscape was captivating and we even had a bird’s eye view of the Derwent River.

We took the airport shuttle into the CBD. Our plan was to stay in Hobart for two nights, and then make our way around the island. We brought our camping gear – tent, sleeping bags, stove, and food. We stayed at the Astor Private Hotel, a charming old building with an eccentric owner.

We spent the next day exploring the city. It is small but bustling, with beautiful architecture and historic neighborhoods to explore. We spent a lot of time in Battery Point. There are even signs that take visitors on a walking tour of the neighborhood. You can read about them here and here.  We had lunch in Battery Point’s Jackman and McRoss Bakery on Hampden Road.

We also went to the Hobart Tourist Information Center to inquire about the various trekking options on the island. The employees were very friendly and knowledgable, and they helped us plan our trip.

We had initially hoped to make it up to Cradle Mountain, but even in December it was snowy, and since we had planned to camp, it seemed too cold for that.  Instead, we decided to stick to the SE part of Tassie.

That afternoon we picked up our rental car from Avis. We rented a small compact car, $87.00 AUD base rate, plus $64.00 AUD in taxes and fees, for a total of $151 AUD for the week. When we went to the Avis outlet, they didn’t have a compact car, so we ended up with a nice little Mitsubishi AWD! Normally we prefer the little zippy cars, but in this instance, it worked out well, since this meant we could explore a little further afield.


That night we had dinner in Battery Point’s Kathmandu on Francis St. We had been eyeing it earlier – it looked like a quaint little restaurant with a fantastic menu. Plus they had outdoor seating!

The next day, we had breakfast at the Hotel, and then we bopped around town a little, looking for a gas canister for our hiking stove. We initially went to the Kathmandu outdoor store in downtown Hobart, but they were out of the size canister we require.  Then we went the central shopping district, where I bought a fleece at Vinnie’s and then we got the gas canister at Mountain Creek Outdoors on Bathurst St. It was successful trip.

And then we were off! First stop, Tasman National Park!


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