Biking Possibilities

02 June 2016

We just bought some fancy new panniers! We got them from Baltimore Bike Works, which is about a twenty minute walk from our house. I had dropped my wheel off there earlier to get it repaired, and of course we couldn’t leave without adding to our collection of gear!

We even splurged and got Ortlieb panniers! We went with Ortlieb for a couple of reasons. First, the panniers are made in Germany. The company focuses on ethically making their products, both in their commitment to fair labor, and their commitment to the environment. Second, people LOVE these panniers. The employee at the shop highly, highly recommend them. I checked them out online as well, and here’s what this person had to say:

The Ortlieb Bike-Packer & Sport-Packer Plus Panniers are truly the best bicycle touring panniers in the world. In this review, I’ll explain why these expensive, German-made bike bags are so popular among commuters and bicycle travelers alike and I’ll give you a number of reasons as to why Ortlieb bike panniers are the only panniers to own if you are interested in having the very best bike bags for on-road use.

And – here’s why we’re doing this:

Outback Cycling:

  • The Riverside Walk by the Todd River, a great link between the Alice Springs Telegraph Station and the modern township of Alice Springs (approximately 3 km each way)
  • Olive Pink Botanical Gardens, approximately 8 km return
  • School of the Air, Head St, approximately 4 km return
  • Araluen Cultural Precinct, approximately 8 km return
  • Alice Springs Desert Park, approximately 20 km return
  • Simpsons Gap via the Simpsons Gap Bike Path, approximately 56 km return

Cycling trails

Mountain biking opportunities

Flow Nation - Alice Springs 14 

There’s even an Alice Springs Cycling Club.

Several places rent bikes, and we have a third one on hand – so if you’re into biking, the biking possibilities are endless!