Road Trip Across America – Part IV, Montana

We awoke the next morning around 9am, and continued north on 200S to Circle. There we stopped for some breakfast at The Lunchbox. It was a nice little cafe, and on the day we were there, Monday, it was pretty empty.

We were back on the road before 11am, driving north on MT 13. We crossed the Missouri River, and then we made a left on MT 25 for a short distance, traveling along the railroad tracks. At Wolf Point, we found our way to US 2.

We stayed on US 2 heading west until we got to Glasgow, where we decided to stop due to fond memories of Glasgow, Scotland. We spoke with a nice man at a jewelry store in town, who gave us some information about the area. He told us that the reason there are so many international names of nearby towns (Zurich, Malta) was because one of the people responsible for the railroad named them after places he was interested in. (I don’t believe that person had actually even been to any of those towns, he just seemed to like the names.)

Traveling along US 2, we drive for 281 miles until we reach East Glacier Park Village, which is just outside Glacier National Park. We were hoping to camp, but we were unable to find anything adequate. Instead, we happily settled for a little place in Sears Motel, where we checked in just after 8pm. We had our own little cabin and patio. There were a number of accommodations and restaurants in this area, and we had dinner at a place called Luna’s, known locally for their homemade huckleberry pie!

All in all, we drove just over 350 miles on this day.

The next day, we had breakfast at the Whistle Stop Restaurant before heading into Glacier National Park. We travelled along Going-to-the Sun Road.  We decided to hike to St. Mary’s Falls, and Virginia Falls, which is about 3miles return through a forested trail.

It takes less than 20 minutes to walk to St. Mary’s Falls. The lake is just under 4500 feet deep and the water is clear and blue. We hang out for a little bit and take photos, and then we continue to walk on to Virginia Falls. It takes about 30 minutes to get there, if you pause to stop and take pictures every couple of steps! We spent about an hour and a half exploring this area before we got back in the car and we made our way along the road stopping at Logan Pass. Logan Pass is noted because this is the point where the road crosses the Continental Divide. We saw some mountain goats clinging to the cliff sides along the road!

Our next stop is the trailhead for Avalanche Lake, a 4 mile hike (return), climbing 500 feet to a beautiful glacier lake. The hike takes just under 40 minutes, and along the way you see glimpses of Avalanche Creek.

After this last hike, we make our way out of the park and we head west to Whitefish, MT. We stop and have pizza at Jersey Boys Pizza. Even Kevin gave his approval! We had a bit of a walk around Whitefish, which was a neat town.

Jersey Boys Pizza

Jersey Boys Pizza

Then we headed West on US 2 and crossed into Idaho. It was just shy of 11pm when we left Idaho. We drove about 310 miles this day, driving just under an hour until we found a place to sleep in the car in Kaniksu National Forest.

Montana and Idaho border

Montana and Idaho border